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Ever wanted to establish a career in writing and media as a freelancer in Australia? Then you must log on to www.rachelslist.com.au Founded by an experienced freelance journalist and media professional Rachel Smith, the website brings you job openings that you wouldn’t find on other job portals. With leading publications and media houses looking for pre-vetted

Best picks for Sydney Harbour New Years cruise

New Years is just four months away and folks I know have begun scouring the best deals for New Years eve cruises. The Sydney Harbour fireworks are world renowned with many tourists both local and international flocking to the city to watch this spectacle. You have got to watch the fireworks aboard a cruise at least

Chatkaaz: Mumbai’s street food haven in Sydney

Ever craved for authentic Mumbai style street food? Chatkaaz in Harris Park is perfect for those wanting to satiate their taste buds. The no frills restaurant has been popular amongst the Indian community in Sydney for many years. When I moved to Sydney my friends told me about the chole bhatura [chickpea flour curry served with crisp