5 Top Reasons to Shop at Chemist Warehouse

Pharmacy stores are big on advertising in Australia be it television or internet. Australians spend over $ 2 billion every year on maintaining their wellbeing. Most pharmacy stores give special offers on many products, but how do you really choose the best from this clutter? I have been shopping at pharmacy stores in Sydney and in my experience Chemist Warehouse has emerged as the most price favouring pharmacy store. Here are the reasons:

1. Big Discounts!

Shopping at pharmacy store is pretty much a routine for most and therefore getting discount is a plus! Chemist Warehouse has deeper discounts on most product ranges be it vitamins and supplements, personal care, child care, beauty and grooming and everyday essentials.

On my last shopping visit, we nearly got a 20 percent discount on our total shopping worth $100. Now that’s great!

2. Variety

When you walk into Chemist Warehouse stores, their non-fuss decor and shelving makes it easier to display more variety of products. When I moved from India, I was worried about not being able to find certain skin care products and vitamins but it was very easy to spot them at Chemist Warehouse :-)

In India, I used a particular brand of skincare products prescribed by my dermatologist, and I found them at a superb price at Chemist Warehouse. They also stock home care products like dishwasher tabs, disinfectant sprays on great discounts; these products are always on our regular home shopping list, so you should pick some even when you didn’t plan to buy.

Chemist Warehouse maintains a consistent decor and display through their stores in Australia

Chemist Warehouse maintains a consistent decor and display style throughout their stores in Australia


3.  Save on Prescription Meds

You can save nearly 50% on prescribed medicines in Chemist Warehouse and even order them online. Its a simple process, check it out here on their website.

4. Online Savings :-)

If your shopping bill exceeds $100, you can just place your order online and the products will be shipped free to you! If its under $100, there’s a fee of $8.95. With personal care products, dental care and vitamins, its very easy to run a shopping bill over $100. Check the details on their website www.chemist warehouse.com.au

5. Pick their Catalogue and Newsletter Subscription

Most pharmacies invite you to subscribe their online newsletter to see latest offers. When you visit Chemist Warehouse, you must pick up their catalogue so that you can save on your shopping the next time. Chemist Warehouse has the widest range of offers in their catalogue and newsletters.


Do you have any pharmacy shopping experiences to share? Would love to know!

Images: chemistwarehouse.com.au

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