A beautiful ‘New Year’ Sydney Harbour Cruise

Happy 2016 to all!

This is my first blog in the New Year and I sure hope to be more regular :-)

Past one year for me was about finding my feet in Sydney, immersing in the newly married life and making new friends :-)

Reminiscing my travel experiences over the years, and now settling in Sydney I have to say that Australia is perhaps the most friendliest countries. I have met such wonderful people who have made a life here. I have many stories to share [more on that later] but a recent experience tops it all.

The true ‘Aussie’ gesture 

So when I say that Australians are the most friendly lot, I mean it. Let me give you a recent example. We booked ourselves for a New Year cruise to see the globally famous Sydney Harbour fireworks. We celebrated New Year aboard a private motor yacht called ‘Galene’ booked via anyboat.com.au

We reached on time for boarding at the designated location, and looked around to find a representative. Our pick-up location, the casino wharf was crowded with most people waiting to board their respective New Year cruises. So we asked many people around if they knew about our cruise, we were told that the long queue was waiting for another boat called ‘Belle Vista’.

Just ten minutes before the cruise was scheduled to leave, I even made a phone call to anyboat.com.au to inform that we were waiting at the location but we couldn’t find anybody from their team. In the whole confusion we saw our boat leaving in front of us, while we had been there all this while.

Five minutes after our cruise had gone, my husband got a call that they received my voice mail and they will be in touch to arrange our pick-up. Believe it or not, our cruise was back for our pick-up in 10 minutes as they realised that we could have been left because of the boarding location being crowded. Once we boarded, we came to know that two more guests couldn’t make it because they were late.

Now that doesn’t happen all the time on a busy New Year night!

Being on Galene was amazing, the owner of Galene Daniel and his beautiful wife, mom and aunt interacted with all guests, narrating interesting anecdotes about fireworks every year. Galene was part of the light parade, which means that it was one of the boats in front of the harbour bridge to witness the fireworks.

View from our New Year cruise 'Galene'

View from our New Year cruise ‘Galene’


 Top 5 tips when you book a New Year Cruise

1. Book early, at least two months or before in advance. Anyboat.com.au gives great options.

2. Make sure you read all instructions to reach the location on time.

3. Have a chat with your booking company if you have any questions.

4. Carry a jacket / wrap because it gets cold towards midnight.

5. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid being sea sick.


Have a wonderful year ahead :-)

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