A Night Out at Zenobia

Lebanese cuisine is a popular part of the Australian food scene and you can be assured of spotting a Lebanese restaurant big or small, fine dining or casual eatery in almost every suburb of Sydney. So it is obviously not a surprise that we were at Zenobia Restaurant, located in the busy George Street of North Strathfield. Lined with cafes and restaurants, supermarket, this is a buzzing street, and therefore, Zenobia is popular with the locals.

You can choose to sit inside or go al fresco. We chose to sit outside, because we were indulging in flavoured hookah or shisha (without tobacco). It helped that we made a prior reservation on Saturday.

Zenobia Restaurant, North Strathfield

Zenobia Restaurant, North Strathfield as on Google Maps


The Menu

Zenobia was a Syrian Queen, and therefore the name. Zenobia Restaurant presents Lebanese food blended with contemporary Aussie cuisine, perhaps to cater to a wider range of food lovers. So while there is the expected falafel, hommus, baba ghanoush, skewered meats, there’s also a plenty of seafood and vegetarian options.

FYI: Lebanese cuisine traditionally is prepared with lots of fresh veggies, fruits, fish, whole grains and seafood and heaps of seasoning of lemon, herbs, garlic and olive oil. Poultry is often cooked than red meat, and if it is red meat then its mostly lamb (eaten by those on the coast side) and goat (by those in the mountain region). So don’t really worry about the calories, if at all opt to drink less and eat more :-)

Bamieh_Zenobia Signature dish

Bamieh is Zenobia’s signature dish

Bon Appetit (in Lebanese its called ‘Bil Hana’) 

We ordered the following


Chicken ribs (optional with chilli) served with salad ((Marinated chicken ribs with garlic, lemon and a touch of chilli)

Pomegranate Calamari ((Marinated Grilled calamari with lemon, garlic, Lebanese oregano, pomegranate sauce,served with baby rocket and pomegranate seeds)

Chicken Ribs

Chicken Ribs

Chicken Skewers

BBQ Chicken Skewers


BBQ Chicken Skewers
Lamb Cutlets (4 grilled lamb cutlets served with roasted kiphier potatoes finished with eggplant, mint and pomegranate dressing)
Bamieh (Okra cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander, herbs and spiced, served in a broth with goat meat accompanied with egg noodle rice in a hot pot clay and side plate of fresh vegetables).

Bamieh (veg)
Riz a-la-dijaj (flat baby chicken oven baked, marinated with garlic, mustard and herbs. Served with basmati rice, sultanas, dried apricot with a side of homemade set yogurt.)

and also Pineapple + Apple Hookah/Sheesha

Lamb Cutlets

Lamb Cutlets

Riz a-la-dilaj (baby chicken with basmati rice)

Riz a-la-dilaj (baby chicken with basmati rice)

Their Entree and Mains portions are big and so unless you are with a group of friends, its better to order one or two entrees and one mains.

The Taste

You will love their chicken preparations (entrees and mains), they are soft and tender and cooked to perfection. Both Okra curries, which are signature dishes of Zenobia were good and had distinct flavours of the region. Pomegranate Calamari looked appetising but became a bit chewy by the time it reached our table. The lamb cutlets could have been better, but the potatoes and salad alongside were good. The hookah was great too and the autumn weather made it more enjoyable :-)

The restaurant is in the heart of a buzzing street with ample parking closely, so its definitely an attractive location. The interiors are solid wood and dark tones drawing from their Middle East heritage, their marble tables had colourful mosaic patterns. But the most interesting piece of decor have got to be the faucets and gold colour wash basin in their washrooms.

Zenobia Restaurant's interior is in dark tones and solid wood. They host functions too!

Zenobia Restaurant’s interior is in dark tones and solid wood. They host functions too! Image Source: Zenobia Restaurant

You can enjoy an awesome belly dance performance on weekend which is around 9 pm. So make sure you get there by 7:30 for a leisurely dinner. The beautiful belly dancer was a bundle of energy and charm; we cheered a lot for her and so she kept coming back to our table!

The belly dancer was a bundle of energy and charm

The belly dancer was a bundle of energy and charm!


Be ready to fork out an upward of $ 18 for entree and $ 25 for mains. The hookahs are for $ 45 each. There’s a BYO option too.

Meal for two : approx. $ 100

Meal for a group of 6 or more: approx. $ 300-500 (with drinks and hookah)

Love it, Like it or Hate it ?

The overall experience was likeable, the highlight was of course the belly dance. A second visit is recommended. Go with friends or family, it will be more enjoyable.

Food score: 7.5 / 10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Zenobia Restaurant

t3/9 George Street,

North Strathfield

NSW 2137

(02) 9746 8424

eMail: info@zenobiarestaurant.com.au


Tuesday to Sunday

11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 5:30-11:00 pm

p.s: all the images have been taken from iPhone :-)


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