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THE OZ SAFARI is about my experiences in Australia – a beautiful country with a medley of cultures.
So why the name THE OZ SAFARI ? The reason I  love it is because:
‘OZ’ refers to Australia colloquially and has been used informally since early 20th Century. ‘Oz’ is also popularised as a magical land in author Frank Baum’s fantasy book The Wizard of Oz .

‘SAFARI’ is a Swahili word (originally borrowed from the Arabic word ‘Safariyah’) which means journey.
‘SAFARI’ is also of course, the smart web browser of Apple, which I love using :-)

So a little bit of fun mashed with humour, a sprinkle of my explorations and dollops of interesting information is what you can expect here.

About Me

After decades in Mumbai, my new home is Sydney where I live with my partner.
I am a Sydney based freelance writer offering a gamut of services like Magazine Writing, Content Writing and Social Media Marketing. With a professional degree in Journalism and Marketing, I have dabbled in celebrity and lifestyle journalism for over 6 years in India followed by working for a leading online home store as a PR and Social Media Manager.  If you’d like to connect with me for any freelance projects or advertise on my blog, you can inbox me at contact@theozsafari.com.au

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