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A freelance media job ? Join Rachel’s List

Ever wanted to establish a career in writing and media as a freelancer in Australia? Then you must log on to Founded by an experienced freelance journalist and media professional Rachel Smith, the website brings you job openings that you wouldn’t find on other job portals. With leading publications and media houses looking for pre-vetted

Dry-go: one minute clothes dryer

Enthusiastic travellers are always on the look out for cool travel gadgets and here’s one that’s an absolute keeper. Dry~go is a sleek compact clothes dryer that will fit easily in your backpack or any luggage.   Invented by former lawyer turned entrepreneur Matthew Cory, Dry~go’s final design is still being finalised. In a quick

Tips on How to Rock a BBQ Party!

Aussies love three B’s  – Beer, Barbecue and Beaches. Barbecue is a favourite leisure activity to enjoy summer in Australia. Most barbecue enthusiasts look forward to a sunny weekend which is then followed by phone calls to friends, a bag of charcoal and chosen outdoor location and sometimes the Barbecue is in their home’s backyard.