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How to Make Fresh Ricotta at Home

    I attended a cheesemaking workshop organised by #StrathfieldCouncil and Treading Lightly and it was so much fun Cheesemaker Kristen Allan is an absolute joy to watch and so passionate about cheese. I came back with a better understanding of how to make Ricotta, Mascarpone and Labneh. So I am sharing Kristen Allan’s Ricotta

OLDE Fashioned May Fair at Strathfield Square

The Annual May Fair in Strathfield entered its sixth year successfully. It was my first year at the fair and the experience was really great! Hosted by the Strathfield Chamber of Commerce at Strathfield Square, the OLDE Fashioned May Fair endeavours to promote local businesses and multicultural interests of Strathfield. It’s a perfect weekend event

5 Top Reasons to Shop at Chemist Warehouse

Pharmacy stores are big on advertising in Australia be it television or internet. Australians spend over $ 2 billion every year on maintaining their wellbeing. Most pharmacy stores give special offers on many products, but how do you really choose the best from this clutter? I have been shopping at pharmacy stores in Sydney and

Dummies Guide to Shopping Wine Glasses

Drinking wine with friends is always celebratory and if you are a good host you MUST have right wine glasses to entertain the guests. On vacations we all enjoy our drinks in plastic cups but it’s also true that good glassware enhances your overall drinking experience. The good news is that there are great variety

Top Vitamins in Your Fridge

We all have grown up with being constantly educated on eating healthy and absorbing the right amount of vitamins. Remember your mom saying ‘drink milk for calcium and healthy bones’ ? Well..I certainly do!  As kids most of us do experience mindful eating, courtesy our parents but strangely that goes out of the window when

Indigenous Aboriginal Art and Symbols in Australia

It’s six months in DownUnder and I continue to be fascinated with the Aboriginal history of this country. In simple terms the Aboriginals are known to be the earliest settlers in Australia much before the 18th century settlement of the British. For more information you can read the Wiki article The Aboriginal Art The Aboriginal

TECH NECK – Do You Have One?

As a writer, blogger and social media marketer it’s hard for me to put away my gadgets However, recent revelations by health researchers are alarming enough to take notice of your gadget consumption habits. I read an article in DailyMail and it led me to change my gadget habits significantly. Read more to know why I

Indian Fashion Inventions Loved Globally

  India has a rich heritage in textiles, a hugely decorated royal era and a cultural pedigree that has evolved through the centuries. The home grown Indian fashion industry is thriving and charming the West with many popular Indian designers selling in famed stores like the Selfridges, Harrods and more. Many Indian sartorial inventions have

Things that made Australia popular in India

Being from India, it’s definitely easier for me to identify what an average Indian likes about Australia as a country. Australia is immensely popular amongst Indians and continues to be on their dream travel itinerary. This list reflects the reasons why Indians are drawn to Australia and love its warmth. 1. Master Chef Australia It