Discovering The Entrance

The Entrance NSW

The Entrance is a great weekend getaway from Sydney if you love long drives like I do :-)

Located just 100 km away from Sydney, a 1 hour 30 minute drive to The Entrance is filled with lush landscapes and a magnificent view of the mountains. The Entrance is a small town in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. It is in this town where Pacific Ocean meets the Tuggerah Lake.

There’s a relaxed feel to the Entrance which continues to draw tourists from Sydney; the main attraction however is the Pelican Feeding. No wonder, The Entrance is also known as the Pelican Capital of Australia.

Pelican Feeding-The Entrance

Pelicans assemble 15 minutes early before the show begins at 3:30 everyday

The Pelican Feeding happens every day at 3:30 pm 365 days a year which is supported by local businesses in the area who buy the fish and look after the medical condition of these birds and of course, hundreds of tourists also donate generously during the show.

Pelican Feeding- The Entrance-Image 2

Hundreds of visitors gather daily at the Entrance Waterfront to watch Pelican Feeding

It’s an amazing site to watch the Pelicans being hand fed by the local volunteers which is complimented by an insightful commentary about the birds. Almost 15 mins before the show the Pelicans start coming close to the Waterfront area where they await their fishy treats. You will be surprised how these birds assemble in a parade like fashion.

Pelicans are largely known as migratory birds but these are indigenous Australian Pelicans who are only found in Australia, Fiji and parts of New Zealand.


Pelican Feeding-The Entrance-Image 3

Pelicans definitely don’t shy away from getting the best fish


  • To get the best seats reach at least 30 mins before.
  • Yes, the parking is free :-) so reach on time to get a spot that reduces your walk-time to the Pelican Feeding venue.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Leave the heels at home.
  • Pack your hat, scarf, sunglasses and sunscreen.

After the Pelican Feeding you can enjoy the boardwalk alongside the Waterfront which is marked with interesting trivia about The Entrance.

Boardwalk -The Entrance

The Entrance Boardwalk is scenic; take the Coast to Lake walk which starts from the heritage building of Entrance Surf Club

The Entrance Heritage Walk

The Entrance Heritage Walk is filled with interesting historical information; The Entrance Surf Club was founded in 1930

Did you Know?
• The Entrance has attracted tourists since the 1800s.
• The aboriginal name of Entrance was Karagi which means a doorway or entrance. In 1911 the English translation ‘Entrance’ was adopted as the official name.


There are some great eating options in the Entrance Waterfront. We liked Pizza Capers and Bang Rak Thai.

Bang Rak Thai is the only Thai restaurant in the area and hard to miss given its prime location, which is just a 3-minute walk from the Pelican Feeding Show. It’s a quaint restaurant with loads of Buddha statues and a friendly staff.

We loved the tempura fried King Prawns, Chicken Pad Thai and Green Curry we ordered. Check out their website and facebook page


Bang Rak Thai

Food score: 7 / 10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Meal for two: 25-40 AUD

Pizza Capers is a great option if you are up for a quick and pocket happy meal :-) I mean you would be walking stomach happy with a gourmet pizza, calzone bread and drinks in just $ 25

pizza capers-the entrance

Enjoy gourmet pizzas at Pizza Capers, that are non-greasy and delicious :-)

Food score: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Meal for two: 25-35 AUD

Lastly, don’t forget to dig in the home made ice creams at the popular Licks Parlour! Check out their facebook page

Licks Home made Icecream shop at the Entrance Waterfront

Licks Home made Ice cream shop at the Entrance Waterfront


Getting to The Entrance

From Sydney – 103 kms: 1 hour 30 minutes by car

From New Castle – 63 kms : 1 hour drive by car

There are trains and buses running daily to the Entrance and you can read more information on the central coast Australia website

Be it fishing, canoeing or sailing, you can choose to have an adventurous or relaxed getaway at the Entrance. You will always keep coming back for more!

Do you have a happy holiday memory of The Entrance? Would love to know :-)


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