Dry-go: one minute clothes dryer

Enthusiastic travellers are always on the look out for cool travel gadgets and here’s one that’s an absolute keeper.

Dry~go is a sleek compact clothes dryer that will fit easily in your backpack or any luggage.


Dry-go (in centre) has the potential to be an amazing backpacking essential


Invented by former lawyer turned entrepreneur Matthew Cory, Dry~go’s final design is still being finalised. In a quick chat with theozsafari.com.au,  Matthew shared that the basic concept has been tested and he’s been working on the design of the product since February 2015.

What’s Dry~go

1. An Australian Travel Innovation that dries clothes in one minute.

2. Its only 6mm tall, weighs just 400g, portable and designed for travellers.

3. Uses heat and ventilation to dry clothing in just one minute.

4. Price offered on Kickstarter for $40. Retail for $80. 5





“I had the idea last year while I was thinking about my backpacking adventures in Vietnam. I constantly had wet clothes that I was trying to dry spread out across my hotel room. My friends were even trying to dry underwear by hanging it outside bus windows. I was thinking about this and I had the idea to create Dry~go so that travellers could quickly dry their clothes on the go. Currently, the product is a working prototype,” Matthew Cory told theozsafari.com.au

Matthew has been raising funds for Dry~go through Kickstarter and raised $5000 so far. “The feedback has been very positive. I decided to include a USB charging port as quite a few backers said it would make it easier to power the product,” said Matthew.

If you are interested in buying it. You can write to Matthew mcorry@louvel.com.au or visit the website www.louvel.com.au


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