Dummies Guide to Shopping Wine Glasses

Drinking wine with friends is always celebratory and if you are a good host you MUST have right wine glasses to entertain the guests. On vacations we all enjoy our drinks in plastic cups but it’s also true that good glassware enhances your overall drinking experience.

The good news is that there are great variety of wine glasses available, and you can actually find good stemware at affordable prices. So here I give you a dummies guide to buying wine glasses, so when you go shopping, you know what to do!

Step 1 The Volume Test: 20 Ounce and above

Whether you like red or white wine, go for larger bowls because there should be plenty to swish, swirl and giving your drink a bit of breathing space. So when you are browsing the glasses at a store, pay attention to the volume that should read 20 Oz (approx.500 ml).

i.) White wine glasses are usually smaller compared to Red wine glasses. White wine is served chilled and therefore a small glass helps in maintaining its cool temperature. A 9 Oz or 12 Oz volume glass is good for white wine.

ii.) Red wine glasses taste better in balloon shaped glasses because they allow aeration and therefore better aroma and flavour.


Step 2 Set a budget

It’s always better to set a price in mind when you go shopping for wine glasses. Are you shopping for everyday glasses or special occasion? Think ahead and decide. IKEA has an affordable range of wine glasses, it’s ideal for the beginner wine glass shoppers. Target also has wine glasses starting at $ 10 but I would really suggest choosing those starting with $ 20 or more, as you can see the difference in the quality. Also check out options at Woolworths and Dan Murphy.

IKEA has an affordable range of glassware

IKEA has an affordable range of glassware


Step 3  Thin Glass is better than Thick Glass

Wine tastes better with thin rim glasses because it flows out evenly retaining the flavour. A thin clear glass gives you a better view of the rich colours besides swirling.

The 20 Oz big wine glasses

The 20 Oz big wine glasses


Step 4 Long Stemware 

Long stemware is important because you always hold the glass by its stem.  If you hold a wine glass by its bowl its possible that your body heat will raise the optimal temperature of the wine. These days stemless wine glasses are also available but I suggest you buy them after having stocked up on classic long stemware.

A classical example of long stemware. Image: crateandbarrel.com


Step 5 Make sure you have storage to keep those tall wine glasses 

Before you go shopping, do ensure that you have made space to store these wine glasses. With their shape and size, wine glasses need extra attention and care be it cleaning or storing.



Hope you enjoyed reading this 5 Step Dummy Guide to shop wine glasses :-)

Images: pinterest, IKEA, crateandbarrel.com


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