Inside InAsia, Inner West’s Asian fusion restaurant

Sydney siders love Asian cuisine. Pick any suburb of Sydney, spotting an Asian restaurant is inevitable :-)  whether its Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanes, Indian….there’s delectable fare available like laksa, sushi, stir fry, noodle broth styles or butter chicken with naan.

This post is about my recent dining experience at InAsia restaurant in Concord, Inner West of Sydney. This is a popular restaurant situated in the food hub of Concord which has many other famous restaurants in Thai, Indian, Nepalese and more.

As the name suggests, InAsia is known for modern Asian cuisine. The menu is a mix of Chef Recommended, Salads, Mains, Curry, Stir Fry, Grilled Skewers and of course Desserts. There’s also a Tasting Menu – classic or premium consisting of Entree, Light and Mains.

The restaurant wasn’t packed that night and therefore it was easy for me to take a 5-minute stroll around. I was happy to see that there are plenty of opportunities here to enjoy a big Asian meal with friends and family. Here’s what we ordered


1. Duck Cup Cakes [ duck, prawn mince, mashed pumpkin served with home made and wasabi mayo]
Medium bite-sized cup cakes that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine or beer. The taste is slightly on the sour-sweet side and its worth a try.
Price: $5 each

Duck Cup Cake []

2. Chicken Tacos [Taco of shredded Gochujang chicken breast, sesame, pickled cucumber]
You can’t really go wrong with a tacos….enjoy the crispy taco with heaps of zing.
Price: $12 for 2 pieces

Chicken Tacos



1. Pan fried Barramundi, smoked tomato and chilli relish, seasonal fresh vegetables
I loved the chill relish especially as it complimented Barramundi’s sweet + meaty flavour. Barramundi is one of Australia’s most loved fish and is also known as the Asian Sea Bass.

I didn’t like the seasonal fresh vegetables on the side, simply because it was a lot of effort to the cut the big sized veggies.

Price: $27

Pan fried Barramundi


2. Crab fried rice
Its rice grains tossed through juicy chunks of crab meat. Overall the taste was good.

Monkey Snicker [Banana pudding, passionfruit curd, pandan foam, pandan granita, shredded coconut,    coconut ice cream]
I loved the ice cream, but the overall flavour of the dessert didn’t really wow me.

Monkey Snicker [image sourced from here]

I also felt that the dessert options were limited compared to a vast Pan Asian menu in entree, salads, mains.



Meal for two : approx. $ 130 with drinks

Love it, Like it or Hate it ?

I liked InAsia and it definitely calls for another visit.

Food score: 7 / 10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 7/10


181 Concord Road (Cnr Clermont Avenue) North Strathfield NSW

For reservations call 02 8765 0778

*some images have been sourced from InAsia’s website.




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