Ramadan Food Fiesta at Lakemba’s Haldon Street

El Qahirah_egyptian food_the oz safari

El Qahirah, Egyptian Food Street stall


Hundreds visit Lakemba’s Haldon Street for delicious treats during the holy month of Ramadan. The Western Sydney suburb is also home to large Muslim-Australian population who migrated from Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon amongst others.

If you love adventurous street food, then this could well be a haven for non-vegetarians to try delicacies like camel burger, deer burger, kebabs, shwarma, chicken tikka, Bangladesh’s famous fish tikka and egg parantha, Turkish tea, pancakes, dry fruits, milk pudding and more.

During Ramadan most shops open for business in evening to cater to families and shoppers breaking their fast after sunset. These shops remain open till midnight. You can enjoy a hearty ramadan meal with family, as prices are really affordable to appeal all cross sections of visitors, whether you observe a fast or be a food lover like The Oz Safari :-)

Here are some glimpses from festival


A local Syrian delicacy called Knafeh

Knafeh, a Syrian dessert is sweet cheese pastry soaked in sugar based syrup


lakemba ramadan fest_theozsafari

The old man was busy serving local arabic delicious like sweets, hot tea, shwarma


There’s local Turkish tea and soup on most stalls served alongside some sweet treats


Don't forget to grab some hot tea and soup

Don’t forget to grab some hot tea and soup


Lakemba ramadan fest1_theozsafari

Freshly made Egg Parantha (bread stuffed with spices and crumbled eggs)


Lakemba ramadan fest2_theozsafari

Kebabs are served with hot tandoor naan made in clay ovens at Desi Hutt, a Pakistani restaurant


My favourite was El Qahirah which also had vegetarian options like Koshary (spiced lentil and rice with macaroni, chick peas, tomato salsa)

El Qahirah_egyptian food_theozsafari

EL Qahirah, Egyptian Food Stall


Total Cost: $40-50 for two (if you try more than 3 food stalls)

Want me to visit a festival? Drop your comments or inbox me – contact@theozsafari.com.au

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