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Top Vitamins in Your Fridge

We all have grown up with being constantly educated on eating healthy and absorbing the right amount of vitamins. Remember your mom saying ‘drink milk for calcium and healthy bones’ ? Well..I certainly do!  As kids most of us do experience mindful eating, courtesy our parents but strangely that goes out of the window when

Indigenous Aboriginal Art and Symbols in Australia

It’s six months in DownUnder and I continue to be fascinated with the Aboriginal history of this country. In simple terms the Aboriginals are known to be the earliest settlers in Australia much before the 18th century settlement of the British. For more information you can read the Wiki article The Aboriginal Art The Aboriginal

Kiama – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

It wasn’t long ago when we dashed off to Kiama with friends over the weekend.  The 90-minute drive towards the South Coast of NSW is fantastic and of course, Australian summer is a great time to travel to Kiama. Kiama is a beautiful seaside town and popular weekend destination for Sydney-siders due to its picturesque

Things that made Australia popular in India

Being from India, it’s definitely easier for me to identify what an average Indian likes about Australia as a country. Australia is immensely popular amongst Indians and continues to be on their dream travel itinerary. This list reflects the reasons why Indians are drawn to Australia and love its warmth. 1. Master Chef Australia It