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Indigenous Aboriginal Art and Symbols in Australia

It’s six months in DownUnder and I continue to be fascinated with the Aboriginal history of this country. In simple terms the Aboriginals are known to be the earliest settlers in Australia much before the 18th century settlement of the British. For more information you can read the Wiki article The Aboriginal Art The Aboriginal

Things that made Australia popular in India

Being from India, it’s definitely easier for me to identify what an average Indian likes about Australia as a country. Australia is immensely popular amongst Indians and continues to be on their dream travel itinerary. This list reflects the reasons why Indians are drawn to Australia and love its warmth. 1. Master Chef Australia It

Chatswood Friday Food Fiesta

Its early days in Sydney and a few weekends were crazily spent in home shopping at IKEA and other stores. Both me and my husband love exploring new cuisines and its great that Sydney is a melting pot of many cultures and cuisines, where you can indulge in every possible delectable food variety, vegetarians will