TECH NECK – Do You Have One?

Tech Neck occurs by a constant look down on you smart gadgets

As a writer, blogger and social media marketer it’s hard for me to put away my gadgets :-) However, recent revelations by health researchers are alarming enough to take notice of your gadget consumption habits. I read an article in DailyMail and it led me to change my gadget habits significantly. Read more to know why I am sharing this with you :-)

Tech Neck cartoon

Tech Neck cartoon


The constant looking down on your gadgets can lead to development of wrinkles and fine lines on your neck and this beauty cum lifestyle malfunction is said to be known as Tech Neck. For majority of us, our lives are dominated by smart phones and Ipads besides laptops and therefore we all are prone to this beauty malfunction (yes men aren’t spared too! )

From grocery lists to presentations, to-do lists to birthday reminders everything is tucked away pretty conveniently in our smart gadgets. Perhaps it’s time to sit back and note the number of times you are looking down to check a message or write an email. Most would argue that we also look down to read books or newspapers, but let me tell you that reading via smart gadgets is no match to a leisurely book reading and leading health experts agree too.

Excess gadget consumption is harmful for your traditional reading habits

Excess gadget consumption is harmful for your traditional reading habits


As we get busy with our smart phones bending our heads, fine lines start appearing on our neck and it’s bad for our back anyway. Often heard about ‘laughter lines’, ‘crow’s feet’? Well now tech neck is the latest addition to beauty maladies used by dermatologists.

tech neck wrinkles

Fine lines appear on neck due to constant look down on your smart gadgets


A research was commissioned by cosmetic giant Yves Saint Laurent because of growing enquiries by customers for a neck-wrinkle cream, which eventually led to the launch of face and neck cream to reduce wrinkles by YSV.

YSV Youth Liberator

YSV Youth Liberator neck cream starts at AUD 126


Doctors quote that Tech Neck starts to appear between 18 to 39 year olds [also the age group using smart phones] that use a minimum of 3 gadgets, which signals early ageing of skin almost ten years before it supposedly begins.

Tech neck also causes bad posture

Tech neck also causes bad posture


It’s possible to avoid Tech Neck with a discipline and taking extra care of your skin :-)

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Tech Neck

  1. Take Regular Breaks

Don’t type for more than 3 minutes on your phone. For every 15 minutes you use your gadget, take a break for 5 minutes.

Take a break from tech neck

Take regular breaks from your gadget and there are plenty ways

  1. Get Set and Move

At work or home, don’t confine yourself to a chair or sofa. Walk at regular intervals and take a break from your workstation or desk during lunch.

take a break from your desk

  1. Your Office Desk

Standing desks are cool and often part of young office environment.  Google and Facebook have famously adopted standing desks as part of their employee wellness plan. You may have to work up those back muscles if you choose to stand and work :-)

However, if you don’t have a standing desk, then take regular break from your work station.

Standing desks are the latest additions amongst companies for better health

Standing desks are the latest addition amongst companies for better health

  1. Correct Posture

Don’t slouch and use your smartphone for long period. While at work your feet should be flat on the floor, wrist in neutral position i.e straight and upright.


  1. Regular Stretches

Relax your neck and shoulders at regular intervals to ease tension when you can’t move away from your desk.

Desk Stretches

Relax your neck and shoulders at regular intervals


  1. Skin Nourishment

We often tend to pay more attention to our face buying the best creams and sunscreens. A basic skin care routine will go a long way in keeping your neck beautified and wrinkle free. So when you slather that nourishing cream on your face, apply generously on your neck too!

Take extra care of your neck



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