Tips on How to Rock a BBQ Party!

Aussies love three B’s  – Beer, Barbecue and Beaches. Barbecue is a favourite leisure activity to enjoy summer in Australia. Most barbecue enthusiasts look forward to a sunny weekend which is then followed by phone calls to friends, a bag of charcoal and chosen outdoor location and sometimes the Barbecue is in their home’s backyard. If you are a true blue Aussie, you’ve got to love Barbie! (Yes…Barbie is an Aussie slang for Barbecue). The humble barbecue is an integral part of the Australian landscape, even the Australian government has recognised this over many decades and you are most likely to spot a barbecue grill installed at camping sites, national parks, local parks, beaches, caravan parks. Australia has some of the best fresh produce of poultry and seafood in the world, and of course that makes barbecue a delightful experience :-)

I was introduced to the concept of Barbecue through a dear friend in Sydney. I have enjoyed a few BBQ get-togethers and it makes perfect timing to share what are the key ingredients to organise an awesome BBQ party with friends and family.

Locals celebrating Australia Day with a traditional BBQ. Image courtesy:

Australia Day on 26 January is incomplete without a traditional BBQ. Image courtesy:

Since I love trivia, here’s a little information piece for before you start drooling on the images :-)


The Menu

A collection of friends gathered around a BBQ. Image:

A collection of friends gathered around a BBQ. Image:

A typical Australian Barbecue is not complete without snags (sausages), onions, ribs and chicken. But what about those who don’t eat meat? So do include some veggies in the barbecue menu to keep everyone happy! The menu put together by our in-house BBQ Champ Shan (Shantanu) was very well balanced :-)

On the menu were Fish, Chicken, Goat Chops, Mushrooms and Corn, Garlic Bread. All of this was complemented by home made dips of hummus, tzatziki, green chutney and salad. Dessert was milk chocolate fondue with Strawberries and Nutella Chocoalte Puffs…and they were of course absolutely YUMMY!

That’s Leather Jacket marinated in tandoori paste and yoghurt


Corn and Garlic Bread for the vegetarians

Corn and Garlic Bread for vegetarians

Be organised and marinate the food in advance for a delicious taste. For example:

  1. Fish and veggies were marinated in a tandoori paste with yoghurt along with ginger and lemon juice.
  2. Chicken was marinated in cashew paste (100 gm), milk (25 ml), black cardamom powder (1tsp), cream(50 ml), salt and green chilli paste to taste, spice up with white pepper powder


Some snacks are always better to be served as in-betweens while everyone waits for the next round of food. Serve some crackers, cheese, nuts, chips, dry fruits, sweets to cool off the hunger period.

Goat chops and Mushrooms

Goat chops and Mushrooms


Make sure there’s plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (juice, cold drinks, ice tea etc.) to keep the sprits high. Also keep room for tea or coffee as many prefer to drink that later in the day.


Its a casual barbecue so you don’t need to bring out the finest china plates; there will be plenty of moving and mingling with everyone so keep it simple with the cutlery. Have loads of paper plates, spoons, napkins ready, also keep a designated area for a bin easily accessible by your guests to dispose their old plates and napkins.

Chicken marinated in cashew paste, milk, cardamom, white pepper

Chicken marinated in cashew paste, milk, cardamom, white pepper


Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries and Nutella Chocolate Puffs

Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries and Nutella Chocolate Puffs

Cooking Tips

In-house BBQ expert: Shan

In-house BBQ expert on grill: Shan

1. Identify which food needs to be cooked on grill and which on plate. Some food can be cooked on both,   like veggies.

2.   Red meat: do not flip it a number of times. You need to lock in the juices.

3.   Cook according to your guests preference, rare, medium or well done.

4.  The one doing the BBQ must stay hydrated and have continuous supply of beer :-)

5.  Time the meats and veggies so that there is variety and continuous supply.

6.  Have various sauces and dips in case the food does not have flavours.

If you’d like a detailed checklist head over to , check out Matt Preston’s recipe to cook snags here

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