Top Vitamins in Your Fridge

vitamins in your fridge

We all have grown up with being constantly educated on eating healthy and absorbing the right amount of vitamins. Remember your mom saying ‘drink milk for calcium and healthy bones’ ? Well..I certainly do!  As kids most of us do experience mindful eating, courtesy our parents but strangely that goes out of the window when we outgrow our school shoes and slip into high heels. Milk is replaced by coffee, fruits are not eaten but squeezed in a tetra pack :-)

So how do we really go back to the balanced eating routine like childhood? Well, one way is stocking your fridge with vitamins and I don’t mean the vitamin pills of course :-)

I am still finding my ways to reach a balanced eating routine, especially when I am a novice to the whole kitchen-cooking affair in a new country :-) Australia is known globally for its fresh farm produces and no matter what your food choices are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will get everything here be it any season! So my healthy eating motivation actually got me counting the Vitamin in our fridge and realised that I didn’t do bad!

  1. Butter

Make the switch to an unsalted butter, since butter without any add-ons is always better. Use it for omelettes, sautéing veggies and adding to steamed greens, sometimes. Get it back on your plate, it won’t make you FAT. It’s an easy absorbable form of Vitamin A (great for thyroid and adrenal health), Vitamin D, E and K. Shop at Woolworths and Coles .


2. Eggs

Often referred to as the complete protein. Eggs have an army of Vitamin Bs besides, A and D of course (20 Vitamins in total!).

Have them for breakfast – boiled, scrambled, add to sandwiches, salads during lunch or whip an omelette or frittata. Some of us worry about the cholesterol level in eggs, but in reality 1 or 2 eggs daily  as part of a balanced diet don’t have adverse effects on blood cholesterol.


3. Yogurt

I love Greek Yogurt…as it helps me replace my ice cream and high sugar cravings. You can eat it with fresh fruits, as a filling snack or as a light dessert option (I often do so). Greek Yogurt contains less sugar than average store purchased yogurt and is great source of calcium, protein and probiotic cultures. It has twice the protein of regular yogurt which means its great for weight watchers and keeps stomach full for longer. I love the Lyttos Greek Style Yogurt and Just Organic Natural at Aldi stores, much tastier compared to the greek yogurts at Woolworths and Coles .


4. Veggies

I have been regularly shopping for these veggies and it seems I am on the right track  :-)

You can check your Vitamin score too! . The vegetables you read below were in the fridge at the time of writing this post.


4. Fruits

This is what I currently stocked in the fridge :-)


5. Long Life Milk

Rich in calcium and protein, long life milk tastes great with cereals and hot drinks. I know many of us prefer to go for fresh milk at the supermarket, but long life milk is just as nutritious as fresh milk and keeping a regular stock of long life milk means you are never short of it to make your hot chocolate or coffee. Yes, the debate on Long Life Milk vs. Fresh Milk continues, in terms of nutrition value Long Life Milk does tend to lose a bit [its very minimal]  as its treated to a very high temperature but if you are not faltering anywhere in your eating habits, choosing Long Life Milk should not be a worry.





6. Garlic

Admit or not, food does taste better with a little bit of garlic. Its a great immune booster, helps body to detoxify and also fights cancer, infections and heart risks. If possible chop fresh garlic over preserved garlic pastes in fridge. Its better to store raw garlic in a cool place but not your refrigerator.

ripe garlic fruits with green parsley leaves


7. Dark Chocolate

A daily square of dark chocolate is definitely not going to make you fat.



I am specifically mentioning dark chocolate over regular chocolates because dark chocolates are less processed. Check the dark chocolate label for 70 percent or more. Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and is also packed with an antioxidant called flavanoids.


Caught up in our busy schedules, healthy eating in today’s times really begins with what you are stocking in your refrigerator. Most of us don’t visit the supermarkets or farmer markets daily, so what you stock in your fridge is actually the fuel for your body. Shop and stock your natural vitamins in fridge wisely :-)

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