Veggie Shopping at Sydney Flemington Market

Sydney’s Flemington Market (also known as Paddy’s Markets or Sydney Markets ) is an iconic pitstop for veggie and fruit shoppers who like to refuel their fridge every week. Often visited by those in the food business like hotels and restaurants, the Flemington market is open for the public every Saturday.

Entrance to the Flemington Market. There’s plenty parking for public.

I still remember my first visit to the Flemington Market whereby I could not decide what to buy and what to leave because there was so much to shop :-) And yes I sort of could not really comprehend how many tomatoes and eggplants would make a kilo! You see I had not done enough veggie shopping in India because I hardly cooked. And here I am in Sydney, preparing food for me and my partner and loving it too! I must admit that I appreciate food more, ever since I have been cooking and going veggie shopping at Flemington Market.

The Flemington Market is not like other cozy farmer markets in Sydney, where you walk with a pretty basket and literally take a stroll. When you visit this market for the first time you will be awed by its structure because its like a giant warehouse and shoppers don’t really walk a straight line because they are looking everywhere.

The Flemington Market looks like a giant warehouse from inside. If you are organising a party at home, this is the best place to buy boxes of veggies and fruits.


I bring you a few snapshots and useful tips when you visit the Flemington Market.

  1. Walk a lot! & Pack a lot!

You will be walking a lot while shopping, so wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or flats. I suggest not to wear open shoes because a lot of shoppers here move around in trolleys and you definitely don’t want someone running over your feet.

Many vendors sell fruits and veggies at the same counter

2. Carry a small sling bag

Its definitely not The place to move with a big handbag. On Saturday, the market is full of families getting their weekly fix of veggies and fruits. If you want to move quicker, carry a sling bag with loads of change. We all have a coin bag, and its a perfect fashion accessory for the Flemington Markets :-) Also pack in few cloth bags if you won’t be taking a trolley (I always do that because its just more organised).

Potatoe and Onion bags on display


You can buy free range eggs in large quantities here for the entire family

3. Make a list

There are some veggie and fruit staples that we can’t do without and some that can be bought later. Its always better if you have a list handy, first buy the essentials and then move on to buy specials like dry fruits, cheese, fresh cakes, kebabs, jams, herbs and spices etc; you can also get great variety of meat and poultry here. Its possible that you may not find seasonal veggies every saturday, for example brussel sprout, baby potatoes, English spinach (you may even confuse that with Chinese Brocolli)

Delicious Olives!


Say cheese :-)

4. The Shoppers Hot list

You will hear a lot of vendors shouting the best prices like ‘1 kg french beans for 3 dolla! [yes…the r is somehow silent :-) ] I am suggesting a few veggies and fruits that you must buy here because they are high priced at most supermarkets. So do shop French Beans, Okra, Green Chillies, Ginger, Salad Bags (they are mixed with rocket and spinach leaves), Strawberries, Blueberries, cherry tomatoes, Tomatoes (especially truss tomatoes).

Neatly packed Strawberries


Colourful Truss Tomatoes


Mushroom and French Beans


You won’t find Indian / Asian veggies at every supermarket unless you live close to small Asian/Indian stores, so do shop bottle gourd (lauki), drumsticks, baingan (brinjal) , methi (fenugreek) etc.

Many vendors sell only green and leafy veggies; to get the best leafy bundles, you have to get there early

5. Great for Taste and your Pocket

Fresh veggies and fruits bought from farmer markets tend to last longer in refrigerator compared to those shopped from supermarkets. And of course, you do save a dollar or two on each kilo of veggie or fruit; if you are buying in big quantities you will save here :-) Remember whatever your keep in your fridge represents your eating habits and your intake of vitamins. I wrote about top vitamins in your fridge few months ago, read the post here

Gorgeous grapes!


Hope you found this useful. Do drop a note about your Flemington Market experience.

The market is easily accessible via train or car. For more information check Paddy Markets website

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